Analysis Of Benjamin Franklin 's ' The Greatest Founding Fathers '

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Benjamin Franklin
There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin is one of the greatest Founding Fathers, if not one of the greatest Americans ever to have lived. Franklin racked up numerous accolades throughout his 84 year life span and is also the only Founding Father to sign the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the United States Constitution. As a man who came from humble beginnings, Franklin is the embodiment of a “self-made man.” An incredibly driven human being, Franklin sought out to improve himself day in and day out. In fact, he believed that success was derived from self-improvement. Franklin was a true believer of the American cause and wanted only the absolute best for the newly founded society. Being the truly selfless and righteous man he was, Franklin wrote an autobiography, not as an ostentatious or conceited act, but as a guideline for other Americans to follow him on the route to self-improvement. Franklin recounts his hardships and triumphs to tell the story of how a man can make anything of himself as long as puts his mind to it and keeps progressing forward.
Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706 in Boston. Franklin was the youngest son of seventeen children. Being the baby of the family didn’t come with the benefits it does now. In this time period, the youngest son did not inherited little if anything. Unfortunate for Franklin he never inherited anything throughout his lifetime. At the age of eight
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