Analysis Of ' Beowulf ' By William Shakespeare

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Abigail Adams once spoke to the woman of America, warning them not to “put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands,” and to keep in mind that, left unchecked, ‘all Men would be tyrants.” No more true is this claim than within the pages of Beowulf. Looked upon with an untrained eye, the egocentric and rapacious society in which Beowulf lives appears nearly unswayed by the delicate touch of a woman. But, upon review it is revealed through the poet’s diction the integral role of women in the Dane’s cultures. Women have the apparently non essential duty of carrying around the mead cup, but, it is revealed that this task establishes a hierarchy within the Mead hall. As well as this, woman also play a significant role in the politics…show more content…
While this seemingly disrespectful tardiness in delivering Beowulf his drink seems to suggest a perception that he is weak, in reality, it shows the contrast of this society to that of modern society. This act of hierarchical snubbing proves to not be an assault on Beowulf’s strength, but instead a display of the importance of loyalty in the Dane’s society. Even a hero, who has come to relieve your people of turmoil, must be served after your warriors, form, as a newcomer, Beowulf has done nothing yet for the Dane’s and therefor has earned no place within their hierarchy. This changes with Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel. Having displayed his loyalty to the King by risking his life in an attempt to kill Grendel, Beowulf earns the trust of King Hrothgar which is immediately followed by the trust of the Dane’s. With his loyalty proven, Beowulf skyrockets up the hierarchy of the mead hall. In an act of thankful declaration, “the cup was carried to” Beowulf, by the queen, directly after being given to the King. The serving of “the cup” to Beowulf second emphasizes the respect he has earned through his actions, as

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