Analysis Of Berna 's Cornerstone Winery Essay

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Event Significance: Today, as you know marks 10 years of wine, love, sweat, and tears. We are all here to celebrate and remember our successes and failures that got us to this point. We’ve all shared in the hard but fun work of our winery, and have all experienced different aspects that make us love this place for multiple reasons. II. Speaker relationship: As some of you know, I’m Mark & Tina Berna’s daughter and our last name graces the winery doors and every bottle that leaves. I feel this 10 year anniversary is the biggest milestone passed, because as I was thinking of what to say for this speech, I thought, wow those years went fast, how is this really a job, and then I felt so proud to be a part of a business where I can think of each of you as a part of our family. III. Theme identification: I think it’s safe to say that we all feel proud that we’re involved in Berna’s Cornerstone Winery. After a handful of obstacles we encountered when we first got started, to where we are now; it’s a complete 180. By the end of tonight, I hope all of you will know and feel that we appreciate everything, and could not be here without you. So therefore, I want to share some of my favorite memories of being here and why I think they describe our history so well Transition: To begin, I want to talk about my first true day here. BODY I. I’m sure many of you thought that since mommy and daddy own the winery, that I’d have it easy and not do anything wrong. Well you’re wrong. A. My

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