Analysis Of Beryl Satter 's Family Properties

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This essay will explicate a section of Beryl Satter’s book Family Properties. This section argues that the white population of Chicago took part in restrictive covenants or legally binding contracts that prevented the sale of properties to colored people in an effort to confine Chicago’s colored population to specific sections in the city. The purpose of this paper is to explicate a section of Family Properties through analysis of structure, tone, and imagery. It will then identify how the evidence relate to one another, and possibilities of meaning. Lastly this essay will conclude with summarizing my results and examining how using explication as a textual tool affects my approach to a reading. The selected passage I chose to explicate is composed of two paragraphs from the second chapter of Family Properties titled “The Noose around Black Chicago”. The first paragraph is composed of nine sentences. The first paragraph serves to show the effect of the housing policies in Chicago. The first paragraph starts off by introducing the argument that white Chicagoans used laws and policies to keep Chicagoans of color, mainly black but also Jews and Asians, to certain parts of the city. The second paragraph in my selected passage is very short at only three sentences in length. This paragraph serves to set up the background setting for these new restrictive housing practices. The second paragraph in my selected passage begins by mentioning the “The Second Great Migration” and the

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