Analysis Of ' Beyonce And # Blacklivesmatter, By Anna Leszkiewicz

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Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade gives a more personal view of her upbringing and how it influences the person she is today. One song in particular, “Formation,” explains how she was raised and how hard she worked to earn everything she owns. As a black woman, Beyoncé worked especially hard to overcome prejudice to become the iconic artist she is today. Beyoncé’s intention behind “Formation” is to empower all black people, but especially black women. Malcolm X’s speech “Who Taught You to Hate Yourself” delves into the racism that African Americans have always faced in America. In this speech, he questions why African Americans feel the need to separate themselves from their own race. In her article, “Beyoncé and #BlackLivesMatter,”Anna…show more content…
Malcolm X delivered his speech at the funeral service of Ronald Stokes in Los Angeles, who was killed by the LAPD. Stokes was one of seven people killed by the police during this particular incident. Police brutality has undoubtedly been occurring for quite some time now, but was once again in spotlight around the time of the release of Lemonade. “Formation” includes shots of “a young black boy dancing, then opening his arms outstretched in front of white riot police” (Leszkiewicz par. 9). The policemen “pause before raising their own hands” (Leszkiewicz par. 9) and the camera pans out to reveal the side of a building with the words “stop shooting us” spray painted on it. Here, Beyonce is continuing to shed light on police brutality against blacks while demanding that it ends. The majority of the “Formation” video is a compilation of Beyoncé’s basic beginnings in New Orleans. She shows the damage done after Katrina and shows the graffiti on worn down buildings. These images are meant to convey the message to young black women that they may have simple beginnings, but any and all of their aspirations are in fact achievable. She shows several events and locations that are important to her childhood, including shots of her church and Mardi Gras parades. The display of the simplicity of her former home, a small house, drowning in the flood, juxtaposed with her current home, a massive

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