Analysis Of Bible Class Offered At Ohio Valley

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For the midterm project in the Introduction to Bible class offered at Ohio Valley University, I will be conducting a book review over the book How to Read the Bible for all its Worth by Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart published by Zondervan Publishing in 2014. In addition to reading the book, I have learned several new things and also learned the authors argument in how reading the Bible is important. Furthermore, the book How to Read the Bible for all its Worth helps to inform people on how to understand the book of the Bible and how to understand the text in a better way or form. In the beginning of the book, it starts off by explaining the purpose of how the reader of the Bible can become a better interpreter. Sometimes while reading the Bible, words and the way they are stated are hard to understand and comprehend. In the book, it simply states how the words of the Bible can be put into your own by interpretation. In addition, the book also states that the Bible is God’s word and he’s speaking to all of us no matter what including generation, culture, or who we are. It is important to understand what God is trying to tell us to help us better ourselves and know what he is expecting out of us as human beings that he created. Hermeneutics is also brought up being defined as the correct interpretation of the bible according to the book. Additionally, God also speaks in narrative when telling a lot of different stories. However, God speaks those narratives in three different

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