Analysis Of Bijal P. Trivedi 's ' The Bypass Cure '

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In Bijal P. Trivedi’s report, “The Bypass Cure” she details the history of gastric bypass surgery, its effect on type 2 diabetes, and the how one doctor is using his understanding of modern gastric bypass applications to save the life’s of his patients. The patient, Nancy Rubio was nearly twice the normal weight of a person her height. Her weight had slowly increased throughout her life, due to her unhealthy diet and having two kids. She eventually developed type two diabetes, which then led to other health issues, such as arthritic knee pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Fearing for her life, Rubio opted to receive a modern version of the Roux-en-Y. The Roux-en-Y involves reducing the lining of the stomach to a small pouch, which reduces the patient’s appetite and eating. The pouch is then connected to the lower section of the intestine. Do the nature of the surgery Rubio will lose weight very fast, but miraculously have her type 2 diabetes become remitted or possibly abolished. Studies dating as early as the 1955 have noted that gastric bypass could affect the progression of diabetes in patients. It was not until 1977 that gastric bypass surgery was truly noted as way to combat diabetes, when Dr. Walter Pories discovered the results of a patient he performed gastric bypass on. After discovering how diabetes vanished in his patients who he performed gastric bypass on, he continued to perform the same surgery to support his findings. He would publish

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