Analysis Of Bill Gates 's ' Ride The Inflection Rocket '

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Bill Gates Paper
In chapter 4, “Ride the Inflection Rocket”, a central point that Bill Gates bring out is that businesses need to change and adapt to the new digital way of business. There are many people that will one day use computers at work, at home, and at schools. Those businesses will one day, be customers going online to shop while only using customer service for support. Customers’ service is going to be valued a lot more as the internet grows bigger with technology. The argument that Bill Gates is established is that change is needed for business to grow and success. Bill Gates states, “Complex customer-service and business problems will require powerful computers on both sides of the relationship— customer and
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The interaction can be made by the use of an online webpage, email, and phone call. Helping a customer online also help increase the chance that the customer will return and increase the reputations and revenue of the company. The argument that Bill Gate is that, “As Internet technology matures, customers won’t have to distinguish between Web and phone support when they need help with difficult problems”(Kindle Locations 1580-1581). This is a great situation to be in as it allows companies to save money on phone-based customer support like dell, “Each week more than 200,000 customers access Dell’s trouble-shooting tips online. Each of these hits saves Dell a potential $ 15 technical support call” (Gates, Bill. Kindle Locations 1399-1400). Feedbacks made by customers can tell what the companies need to do to improve the website and help provide a better service to the customers. There are also communities where customers can interact with other customers, this also allows customers to help each other and spread info faster. My opinion of this point is that it is great. The benefit of online support is that it is quicker than waiting on the phone and gaining experience as you navigate the website to get where you need. The downside is that there will be people who will abuse the feedback and the possibly of some workers in the phone-based support may be laid-off.
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