Analysis Of Bill Mckibben 's Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is the rising of temperatures on the surface of the earth due to the trapping of heat rising from the earth’s surface. It is caused by the destruction of the Ozone layer by the carbon dioxide emitted mostly from the burning of the fossil fuel and the deforestation. The ozone layer is a layer of oxygen in the atmosphere responsible for absorbing the heat from the earth’s surface.
Bill McKibben, an environmentalist, takes the global warming to be a world war that the world is losing. He also suggests that we look at the last mobilizations that took place during the last war so that they assess the ways that can be used to remit the threat of the global warming. He is more concerned with the climate change and believes that the global warming is as a result of the manmade climate change (McKibben Bill, 2007).
Bill McKibben cites several examples of manmade climate change. The first example he cites is the vast fire that caused the evacuation of the city of Fort McMurray. He claims that the drought conditions caused the spread of the fire making it burn about 2300 square miles of the distance of boreal forest. He also cites the Chinchaga fire in 1950 6500 square miles of boreal forest as a result of drought too. What he also points out is the flooding of river Seine that was a threat to the storage basement of Louvre Museum in Paris as another evidence to climate change (McKibben Bill, 2007).
Bill McKibben further believes that drought leads to destabilization of
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