Analysis Of Billie Ragon 's Story Of Her Life And How Her Color And Disability

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Interviewee Billie Ragon gave me the opportunity to hear the story of her life and how her color and disability has affected how she has lived. Family values and the region, in which she lived, played a huge part in how she lived daily life. Different groups of people, whether it was family or just individuals from the community impacted her life greatly. Finally, Mrs. Ragon out of the kindness of her heart wanted to conduct this interview so maybe it could help others that may be suffering or feeling any kind of pain.
Family life Growing up during the 1960’s in the south seemed to be a difficult time as described by Mrs.Ragon. During the 1960’s the tension of the civil rights movement were at an all-time high. As a young girl in today’s society, there are almost no worries except maybe what to wear or what to discuss with your friends at school. Mrs. Ragon described her youth as an “everyday adventure” because she never knew when or what was going to happen that day. She had recollections of walking into town with her sisters and being laughed at by all the other children. Mrs.Ragon’s parents seemed to really assist in the maturation of her character. In today’s society when a child is laughed at or made fun of, then the child normally gets angry or feels sad about the situation. Mrs.Ragon stated,” I believe I would not be the women I am today, if not for my parents teaching me to turn the other cheek and being the better person” (Ragon, 2015). Mrs.Ragon began her life…
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