Analysis Of Billy Joel 's Hit Song ' We Didn 't Start The Fire '

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In Billy Joel’s hit song, “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, he sings about the major headlines and influences on his generation. If you compare these allusions to the headlines today, you’ll see that our society’s issues and interests haven’t changed much. Political scandals, the race to space, pop culture, and best-selling novels; all crucial to the shaping of our society. Even though the 60’s and today’s world are decades apart, there are many similarities between society then and society now that suggest the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Since the first person rose to fame, the public has been obsessed with celebrity scandals. That’s why when a politician is surrounded amongst accusations and embarrassment, it hits the
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While this is not illegal, it 's an issue because she has put classified information at a greater risk than it needed to be, due to the fact it is much easier to hack into her private server than it is to hack into the government server, and we don’t know who else was receiving the information she was sent. Given this information, Americans have to decide for themselves whether or not she actually did something wrong, and whether or not we can trust her as the next president of the United States. No mater who you have in a government position, and no matter what country you 're in, there will always be a scandal to talk about because even if you are someone held to the highest of standards, you are still prone to making poor decisions.

One of the most important steps mankind has ever made is space exploration. On February 20th, 1962, John Glenn became the first person to orbit the earth. This was a major redemption for the U.S, since just a year before Yuri Gagarin from Russia became the first man to go to space. Glenn’s accomplishment threw America ahead in the famous Space Race with the U.S.S.R. Recently, NASA announced that they plan on having a manned mission to Mars by 2035. However, there 's a lot of competition. Quite a few nonprofit and for-profit organizations believe they can get people to Mars sooner and cheaper than NASA. If NASA is the first organization to have a successful manned

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