Analysis Of Binet 's Non Fiction Novel, Hhhh, By Laurent Binet Essay

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In Laurent Binet’s non-fiction novel, HHhH, he talks about how novelists are allowed to make up information because they are telling a story and they need to fill in gaps that are missing where there are no written firsthand accounts. Binet tries to steer clear from making up facts in his novel because he believes that it is disrespectful to make up facts about the Holocaust. Novelists cannot get certain exact details because some firsthand experiences have not been recorded, like when Laurent Binet writes about Hitler and Reinhart Heydrich’s conversations, he needed to make up the conversation because they were never recorded (Binet, 2012, p.43). Novelists are allowed to make up information because, by filling in gaps of information that were not recorded, it allows a novelist to keep a story flowing and interest a reader. Laurent Binet explains this when he describes the scene of Jozef Gabcik meeting the underground resistance group (Binet, 2012, p. 160), the underground resistance group is entirely made up by his imagination because he is trying to fill in the gaps. Even though this scene is not documented, it may have hypothetically happened and also adds interest to the story. Another example can be seen when Laurent Binet has to make up information during Heydrich and Naujocks conversation. Heydrich is angered at Naujocks because Naujocks recorded Heydrich in a brothel house with a prostitute (Binet, 2012, p.182). Binet knows the incident between Naujocks and Heydrich

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