Analysis Of Black Mirror By Charlie Brooker Essay

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Black Mirror is a British TV show on Netflix created by Charlie Brooker which represent the modern society with technologies and the side effects in positive and negative ways. Since memory is malleable and it interprets our memories based on our feeling in the present, technology in Black Mirror helps to navigate the imperfection of communication, relationship and our memory in the society. The technology such as “the Grain” in “The Entire History of You” episode and the “Z-eye” in “White Christmas” episode have interfered human being’s life in some aspects. Black Mirror has showed us the consequences of using technology in our lives. As long humans exist in these lives, consequences will never go anywhere. It still exists and people cannot deny that because it is the cost of being human, indeed they cannot separate good and bad. When human have AI implanted in their bodies, their lives are almost perfect and growth toward fulfillment because they can do everything they want. In Netflix series Black Mirror “The Entire History of You” (Season 1, episode 3) people have Grain which is implanted behind their ear and the function for that is to record everything they do, see, and hear based on their perspectives; and also allow them to play, show or redo it whenever they want. Liam and Fiona are two of the people who have grain implanted behind their ears. Liam and Fiona are couple who have been married for years. Liam is a curious, obsessive – unemployed guy who is looking
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