Analysis Of Blackbeard 's Life Was Full Of Excitement

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Thomas Cline Mrs. Gawith English I 26 Jan, 2016 Blackbeard From working for the British on a Privateer then moving to Jamaica and taking up piracy, Blackbeard’s life was full of excitement. Blackbeard was known as Edward Teach was British. It was believed that Teach was born in the 1680’s. He was operating in Jamaica as a privateer. Privateers are a private, armed boat hired by the Government during the War of the Spanish Succession or Queen Anne’s War. During the war in Teach had become a very skillful sea robber. By the end of the war in 1716 Teach as most of the privateers moved to Jamaica to take up piracy (Kirkpatrick). When Teach became a pirate he Joined the crew of Captain Benjamin Horingold. Horingold Teach in charged of his own…show more content…
When Blackbeard captured the La Concorde he found satisfying so, he took the ship as his own. Teach change the name to Queen Anne’s Revenge made some changes to the ship. He added an estimated 14 canons on the ship which change the number from 26 to 40 canons. So now the once French cargo ship is now a 110ft, 300 ton ship with 40 canons (Hamilton 8-9). Aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge Blackbeard never let his crew forget who was incharge. Some of Blackbeard’s crew was foolish enough to accept a crazy challenge. The challenge was to see who could stay below deck in a room while sulfur was burning the longest. Once the the sulfur was lit crew members were running to get above on the deck and soon all of the crew members were out in the open gasping for fresh air. The last one to come out was of course Blackbeard. Teach once shot one of his own crewmen over a drunken game of poker. Once Blackbeard even said that “If he didn’t kill one of his crew members once in awhile, they would forget who he was” (Hamilton 16). When Blackbeard attack he put fear into people’s eyes. His long black beard which gave him the nickname Blackbeard and his mad man’s look. Charles Johnson wrote in his book A General History of the Pyrates, published in London in 1726 “ This Beard was black, which he suffered to grow of an extravagant Length; as to Breadth, it came up to his Eyes; he was accustomed to twist it with
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