Analysis Of Blood Wedding By Federico García Lorca

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The theater “Blood Wedding” is a folk tragedy which was produced by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. In this theater, there are five main characters, including Leonardo, the bride, the groom, the groom’s mother, and Leonardo’s wife. The author narrated the story in Episodic plot structure, in which the overall effect is cumulative, we need to see many scenes before we understand what is happening. The story happened on the day of a wedding in a village, among a couple and a man. The couple were going to get married, but the bride who had had been with a young man whose name was Leonardo for seven years, still had old affection with Leonardo. In the morning of the wedding, at the wedding banquet, Leonardo and the bride danced…show more content…
In the theater “Blood Wedding”, there were some scenes mixed with Flamenco dance, which is very popular in the Spanish literature. The beginning is a Spanish-language plot with English introduction. The dancing with the dancers at the beginning of the dance is a shadow, casting on the screen behind the dancers. The shadow looks like the dancer but also not without doubt, which undoubtedly indicates some things, heralding love behind the other protagonist it? Or the same fate of both of the two main male characters? This was a tragedy, which happened between two families, among a couple, and more, between the two men, whose fate may would be shadowed or indicated in the Flamenco dance. The play was showed in a black box theatre, where the spaces are easily built and maintained, and are usually home to plays or other performances with very basic technical arrangements, such as limited set construction. For the play “Blood Wedding”, the black box gave it sufficient space and room to make itself best, because the space of the stage is versatile and easy to change. And there were some design challenges in the play. In costumes, the play arranged no masks for the main characters, through which the play emphasized the characters so that the audience can follow the emotion of the characters very well, and can understand the the story theme better. When the climax of the plot came, the light of the stage became red, the color of
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