Analysis Of Blue-Collar Billiance By Mike Rose

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One might argue that without formal education a person has low intelligence. Some people might say that blue-collar work is for the uneducated or for the lower-class society. Both of these opinions are challenged in Mike Rose`s writing Blue-Collar Brilliance. Rose uses multiple rhetorical methods within is reading to prove that blue-collar work is not for unintelligent workers. Rose reflects on his childhood and early adult hood with many references. Rose also uses many different tones throughout the duration of Blue-Collar Brilliance. Rose uses strong evidence to clearly show his opinion of blue-collar work.
Rose uses References through-out the reading to prove his claim of blue-collar brilliance. He explains multiple situations he has been through growing up in a blue-collar family. Rose writes about his memories of watching his mother work as a waitress in a restaurant. He explains the skills and work ethic he watched his mother learn over the years. Rose states, “A waitress acquires knowledge and intuition about the ways and the rhythms of the restaurant business. Waiting on seven to nine tables, each with two to six customers, Rosie devised memory strategies so that she could remember who ordered what” (274). The uncle of Rose is also used as a reference in Blue-Collar Brilliance. Rose recalls his Uncle Joe explaining that working in the factory could teach him what school could not. Rose explains that his uncle: “initiated the redesign of the nozzle on a paint sprayer,

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