Analysis Of Blue Eyes In 'Bebo'

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Blue eyes
Blue eyes, hypnotise teri kardi a menu, Your blue eyes hypnotize me
I swear, choti dress mein bomb lagdi menu, I swear you look bomb in that small dress
Glossy lips, uff yeh tricks, Glossy lips, oh these tricks
Baby lagdi e killer… Baby you look killer…
Katal karay tera bomb figure Your bomb figure kills
In one of his most popular songs titled as “Blue Eyes” , the singer very overtly objectifies the female character whom he introduces to the listeners by describing one of her facial features i.e. blue eyes. He then moves on to observe her body and reveals how seductive she looks in a short and provocative dress. The focus then again shifts back to the “glossy lips” that adds to her beauty. The woman is seen as licentious who adopts special “tricks” to enchant the singer and trap him. Notice what metaphors are used to compare the woman’s body to a destructive bomb, and the woman to a killer. He further goes on to term her conduct as hypnotizing. The woman is just the point of focus of the singer because of her beautiful eyes and “bomb figure”. She is infantilized
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Firstly, he goes on to appreciate the pink cheeks , then he is mesmerized by her face full of make-up. Then the voice is seen cursing the woman i.e. “oh damned baby”. Although the words are meant to emphasize the extent of the male character’s aw at the beautiful figure of the woman, the words are in no way decent enough to praise someone. Even if one takes them as purely complementary, look what things are being appreciated through them i.e. a face full of make-up and a beautiful body shaped through cardio workout. Hence we see the male voice advocating the traditional ideal image of a woman i.e. slim and beautiful. In the description of her physical beauty, her personality remains
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