Analysis Of Blue Ocean Floor

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Ocean Floor and Love Forevermore Gentile waves roll in as sea gulls call out together creating a rhythm of steady breathing. During the introduction of his song entitled Blue Ocean Floor, Justin Timberlake painted this serene seashore scene. Leading listeners to a new place, the instrumentals made a background breathing sound that continued throughout the song, resulting in an overall feeling of anticipation. As the subject of anticipation, Justin Timberlake sung of a couple whose love seemed hopeless on the outside due to their surroundings but found a way to love each other forever. Justin Timberlake wrote this song in the second person, and brought a new level of meaning to it by singing solo with only loops to support him. It seemed…show more content…
Topic Sentence. Opening with a condition, the man said if his, “red eyes don’t see you anymore / and I can’t hear you through the white noise” that she should send a heartbeat out to him. Breaking up the rhyme pattern, “noise,” sounded harsh against the words rhyming with “anymore.” With his loves heartbeat he will, “…go to the blue ocean floor.” In each other’s presence, they sink to the ocean floor, a new tranquil world where everything moves in slow motion, where they ignore outside distractions. Shifting scenes, the couple surfaced where she found a, “shell made out of gold.” Shells protect vulnerable creatures, and crafted of gleaming gold, this shell had a precious value. Through a different view, the shell may look the most beautiful on the blue ocean floor where it thrives rather than on land and lifeless; this may represent the couple’s love story. Tragically, they do not work on the surface or in the eyes of others, but their love runs deep for each other. Their love may cause tidal waves and rain storms, but together everything turns silent and they bask in each other’s presence. Returning to the ocean the man had to find his love again. Using hyperbole and rhyme Justin Timberlake sung, “20,000 leagues away, catch up to you on the same day.” Traveling around two times the circumference of the earth in a day, the man also traveled, “at the speed of
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