Analysis Of Boccaccio 's ' The Decameron '

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Throughout the various novelle of the Decameron there lies a rather conflicting role of women in relation to the society that Boccaccio 's Decameron was set in. From novella to novella the theme of women 's gender role fluctuates between misogynistic to feminist. It can be argued that Boccaccio was a feminist ahead of his time or that he shared the traditional views towards women of 14th century Italy. Overall, it is fair to say that Boccaccio does depict women as transcending men in many respects, some of them being positive, and some negative. I believe there is a deeper meaning behind Boccaccio view 's towards women which I will elaborate on below. Giovanni Boccaccio was born in Florence (Certaldo) in 1313. He was raised predominately by his mother and according to New Advent Encyclopedia he was a “steadfast” son who greatly admired his mother and looked upon his father with some disdain.(1) From what i 've read not much is known about Boccaccio’s childhood and as a result, reports mention Boccaccio’s relationship with his father as being mediocre. Most sources comment that Boccaccio was very close to his mother. I believe there is an important connection of his relationship with his mother and the way he portrays women in the context of his writings. When taking this connection into consideration, the gender roles depicted in the Decameron can be better interpreted. Boccaccio 's opinions on love and his subsequent writings were not only influenced by his personal…
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