Analysis Of Boeing 's Supply Chain

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The Boeing Company

An Analysis of Boeing’s
Supply Chain

Michael Mullen

Executive MBA Program
Spring 2015

Advanced International Monetary Economics
Dr. Ravi S. Behara

April 26, 2015

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Problem Statement 4

Supply Chain Analysis 4

Recommendations 8

Implementation 10

Conclusion 13

Reference List 14


In 1916, the Boeing Company (Boeing), was founded in Seattle Washington. Boeing is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers in producing military and commercial aircraft carriers. Throughout Boeing’s history, the company has developed several strategic alliances with various aerospace companies. Further, the company has merged and acquired numerous international aerospace firms such as McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell International, Jappesen Aerospace, Hughes Space and Communications, and North American Aviation (Boeing, 2014). Boeing is currently conducting business operations in approximately seventy (70) countries and approximately 200,000 employees. Further, there are approximately 25,000 suppliers within the company’s supply chain. In addition, the company has a very intricate value chain as seen in Table 1 below.

The Boeing Company is split into two (2) efficient business units: Defense, Space, and Security and Commercial Aircrafts. These business units develop and design several products such as advanced information and communication systems, satellites, electronic and
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