Analysis Of Bonnie Anderson 's ' What You See You Want With Me '

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Title: Bonnie Anderson: ‘What you see is what you get with me’

Dropping her single, “Unbroken” on Friday, 19 year old Bonnie Anderson has firmly placed her stake in the Australian music industry. With her powerhouse voice and a stage presence that puts people double her age to shame, the song is a pop infused sure-fire hit for the Sony artist.
“It 's definitely… very anthemic.” Anderson shares with PPcorn. “It 's kind of about forgetting what 's gone on in the past, or what the hard times that you 're trying to overcome, or you have overcome, and focusing on where you want to go and how you 're going to get there.”
Penned while living in LA, the singer took a step back after the success of her Platinum hit “Blackout” to embrace her life as an artist. “I went overseas and I decided to do that off my own back…and live it and breathe it basically. I was writing two sessions a day in LA and I was just really, really digging deep for that special song, you know. I didn 't want to just relate something that wasn 't me. I wanted it to be right and for people to be able to connect to it.”
Her time abroad also allowed her to explore her own sound, and see what she could come up with musically. “As an artist, we 're always experimenting and trying new things. I mean, I grew up listening to soul music, so…I love soul music. My mom was a singer growing up, and was always very involved in music and the end scene live. That 's where I…

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