Analysis Of Book ' Around The World '

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Title: Around the World in Eighty Days
Author: Jules Verne

Protagonist: The protagonist is Phileas Fogg, a tall, well built English gentleman about forty years old with light brown hair and a beard. He lives a quiet life of regularity in London. Being independently wealthy, he spends most of his day in the Reform Club reading, taking his meals, and playing whist. Having lived a life of travel and adventure some years earlier, he is a man of honor and integrity. Mr. Fogg is also considered an eccentric and enigmatic person with a calm, unruffled demeanor. His rationality, generosity, and self-control impressed some characters throughout the book.

Antagonist: The main antagonist is Detective Fix from Scotland Yard who suspects Mr. Fogg of stealing £50,000 from a bank. Although there is an antagonist is the story, this is a type of book where many antagonistic situations and persons occur throughout the book. The other antagonists are fate, nature, and human frailty.

Conflict: The main conflict is that Mr. Fogg has to make it around the world in time to win the bet Mr. Fogg made with the Reform Club members. Mr. Fogg and his servant, Jean Passepartout must repeatedly reason their way out of the various obstacles in their way. Another conflict also emerges when Mr. Fogg is accused of robbing from the Bank of England and Detective Fix pursues him across the world to arrest him. The type conflict is an external conflict.

Climax: The climax of the story takes place when…
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