Analysis Of Bound From Either Side By Rachel Stone

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With the patriarchy existing for thousands of years, one can only assume that it has been rocked more than a few times. But could it be in the ninth-century regarding marriage? Rachel Stone argues in her article that no, it can not be. That even when the patriarchy seemed to be shaken up, the power still remained with the men.
This paper will provide a brief summarization and a review of the article, Bound from Either Side’: The Limits of Power in Carolingian Marriage Disputes, To 840–870, authored by Rachel Stone. The paper will show that Stone's thesis of her article proved to be executed well and proved by gathering four primary accounts from the 9th century.

The article, Bound from Either Side’: The Limits of Power in Carolingian Marriage Disputes, To 840–870, written by Rachel Stone, provides readers with an insight on how the majority of marriages disputes in the 9th century were often “won” by the man because of the patriarchal basis of Carolingian society. Even when the men seemed to be in a fragile state, Stone found that even with a man having a restriction on his power within society and within the marriage, the masculinity of the men was not questioned and they continued to remain at the top of the gender order.

Stone provides four excellent primary sources that provide back up to the thesis. The sources are of four accounts of marriage disputes in the ninth-century Francia. These accounts are of four noblemen. All the of the noblemen Stone sources were affected by Carolingian reforming measures on consanguineous marriage, divorce and raptus (abduction).

Looking at a brief summary of the cases; the first of the four is from Falcric, a vassus of Lothar I. His wife entered a convent and he then remarried. This breaches the principle of indissoluble marriage. Hincmar, an Archbishop of Rheims excommunicated him for this. Meaning that Falcric could not partake in sacraments and services of the Christian Church. Falcric appealed to the Pope, claiming that he was not actually married to his first wife, but she was just his concubine, a woman that lives with a man but is of a lower status than his wife. Hincmar was forced by the pope the accept the marriage and was to release Falcric of his
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