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The movie Boyz in the Hood premiered in theaters in 1991. It was written and directed by John Singleton. It was also nominated for best director, and best original screen play. This paper will explore the four aspects and causes of gang violence. For instance, how youth are affected in these four environments, single parent households, gun, and gang violence, lastly education. Boyz in the hood depicts gang culture and demonstrates it though the story line protagonist, Tre. This movie shows the life of the character Tre and what he observed while growing up in south central L.A. As seen in the movie, Reva, a single mother made every attempt to make sure that her son did not involve himself in such dangerous and highly contagious acts within the black community. She ultimately makes the decision to have him live with his father. The scene opens with a young Tre fighting at school. There his teacher believed so strongly in him that she worried about his future. To therefore Reva decides to send him to his dad. Another scene shows where doughboy, Ice Cube went to jail for stealing and years later when he was released he joined a gang. The movie, Boyz in the Hood exemplifies deplorable and unfortunate conditions being young, and black in a not so prominent environment. The harsh realities of growing up in the ghetto in the movie seemed discouraging though through certain circumstances gave hope to a gateway Hodo2 out. Unfortunately, gun and gang violence is a very contagious more over dictatorship in the rural community. The movie actually gave a statistic that one in every twenty-one black males will be killed by another black male. Boyz in the Hood; John Singleton. The movie also shed some light on the rapid increase and issue of teen pregnancy. Two things that stood out and kind of mirrored each other was that the main character, Tre was from two teen parents (Reva and Luscious), and years later Tre’s best friend in the movie Ricky was a teenage father. At the start of this film there is a scene that signifies how common gang violence at the time was so normal. For instance, the movie showed a few ten year old kids and they came across a dead body. They had become so accustomed to it that it did

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