Analysis Of ' Brave New World '

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The TV and surveillance equipment in 1984 was always watching and “the instrument… could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely” (Orwell 2). Most of the people in both societies are okay with the constant surveillance and manipulation, and for this reason, they also do not mind the case system that is implemented into both societies. In Brave New World, everyone accepts their caste, even the lowest ones. The government tries to make sure that people do not socialize outside of their caste so that another caste doesn’t get jealous and rebel. One woman, a Beta, was happy with her caste because the Deltas and Epsilons “all wear green… [and] khaki” and that “they’re too stupid to be able to read or write” (Huxley 27). She was also happy not to be an Alpha because “they’re so frightfully clever” and because she doesn’t want to “work so hard” (Huxley 27-8). The government has brainwashed everyone to such extremes that even the lowest caste is content at most times. The caste system in 1984 is not as prominent, but there is still a different kind of system in place. The lower class citizens are ‘proles’, and they are completely irrelevant to the Party even though the Party still monitors them. The proles are generally not as intelligent as the other members of society and they are satisfied with any little thing that they can get. The proles greatly resemble Epsilons in the fact that they do not have aspirations or strive for things greater than what they

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