Analysis Of Bree 's Cupcake Shop Essay

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Bree’s Cupcake Shop Bree’s Cupcake Shop is a small shop that provides baked goods, those of cupcakes in particular. A cupcake is essentially a small version of a cake that is designed to serve one person. The mission of Bree’s Cupcake shop is to provide all of its consumers that have a sweet tooth with delicious treats that are affordable, but taste like luxury. The end goal is to grow into a shop that sells amazing cupcakes in which consumers have a high demand for. Each and every single cupcake that will be provided at this shop will be baked in store and served fresh each and every day. Consumers also have the option of ordering special made cupcakes that consist of particular frosting colors, different types of toppings or even special messages on them for special occasions. The best part about Bree’s Cupcake Shop is that each and every cupcake is made to provide the customer with a yummy bite, from the actual filling of the cupcake, to the icing that will be placed on top. The cupcakes purchased from Bree’s Cupcake shop will come in a box, which will contain a total of 12 cupcakes. The reason I believe the goals of this particular business will be attainable is due to the fact that there is a huge market and majority of it consists of consumers that enjoy things that are affordable, but taste of high quality, so I believe this business will be successful in reaching a huge market. In order to achieve my goals, I plan on buying majority of my products in bulk, so that I
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