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Brian Aldiss is one of the more popular authors that are associated with the new wave era of sci-fi. This story, in particular, has all of the elements that were described in this course; it touches upon the changing world from a social and political standpoint, it had varying levels of sexual themes and is thoroughly thought-provoking. To truly appreciate Aldiss’s writing style, reading the story more than once will assist in gaining new viewpoints that are depicted the underlying motifs.
There are many themes that run through this short story; the one that stood out was mankind’s inability to see what is right in front of them. The word blind comes to mind. According to the Cambridge dictionary, blind is the inability to physically see or not to be conscious of something or to refuse to notice something that is obvious to others. That describes many of Aldiss’ pessimistic views of mankind’s future throughout this story along with one of the most common political catchphrases or the “the rich will get richer and the poor get poorer”. Aldiss plays with this idea and depicts the divide between social classes will eventually become so drastic that we will eventually become accepting and ignorant of others around us because of mankind’s self-fish drive for more, will lead to our own blindness of things around us.
David, the son, who is a product of artificial intelligence, is basically questioning his own existence and is evolving right in front of Monica’s eyes but she is

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