Analysis Of Brokeback Mountain

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Homosexuals have fought for their rights ever since the earliest documentation of same-sex relationships, however although there have been many jurisdictions legalizing same-sex marriages, it is clear that homosexuality is still discriminated against because there is still over a dozen states in the United States that ban it. In her short story “Brokeback Mountain”, Annie Proulx illustrates how pressure from an American society in the 1960’s to 1980’s complicates the lives of two gay men who go into denial about their identity until they hide it from the others around them and ultimately split up because of it.

At first, although both characters engage in a homosexual relationship physically, they refuse to accept it mentally for what it
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After the events at Brokeback Mountain, Ennis married Alma and got her pregnant, with this turn of events, we can see that Ennis is trying to adopt a lifestyle viewed as “normal” in his society. By rejecting his previous relation with Jack and marrying Alma, he is fitting in and adopting the stereotypical family life with a companion of the opposite sex.

Later on, in the story, there is many instances where Jack and Ennis, after there is suspicions or moments where their homosexuality might be exposed, hide that part of themselves. This is first seen when they get together again in the motel room. When Jack hints that they could live together, Ennis tells him about the murdered gay men that he saw with his father as a child and about how “Two guys living together” was a “No” (270). In this passage, through Ennis’ response to the suggestion of coming out as gay, we can see that Proulx is insisting on the fact that Ennis does not want to expose himself as non-heterosexual and by using the dead men as an example, he insists that he is afraid of what the society would do to them because those two partners were murdered by other people who were against that relationship.

When Ennis and Alma had broken up, and Ennis went over at her new husband’s home for Thanksgiving with his kids, Alma addresses him about his activities with Jack, saying that he was “Jack Nasty”, and as
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