Analysis Of Browned Onion Soup Recipe

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Browned Onion Soup Recipe is a soup recipe that use mostly in the winter season and also in all seasons. Browned Onion Soup Recipe is useful for all aged people. It is prepared at home easily in 25 minutes.
Ingredients for “Browned Onion Soup Recipe”.
 8 Onions (finely cut)
 2 small sized of Capsicum (Bell Pepper) (thinly cut)
 2 table-spoons of the Green Spring Onion (thinly chopped)
 ½ table-spoon of the Ginger (peeved)
 ½ table-spoon of the Garlic (peeved)
 ½ table-spoon of the Green Chili paste
 2 table-spoons of Corn Flour
 4 medium slice of the Plain Bread
 8 cups of the fresh Water
 2 table-spoons of the Cooking Oil
 1 table-spoon of The Butter
 Salt and Pepper to taste
Method of “Browned Onion Soup Recipe”.
Take a large
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