Analysis Of Bruce Wayne 's Batman Essay

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In Batman: Ego, Bruce Wayne struggles to fight his inner demons. These demons take on the shape of Batman and lead to a power struggle with Bruce Wayne. Wayne fights to hold on to what he believes in and show the world the true meaning of the Batman costume. This fight categorizes not only Wayne’s character but also the character of Batman. The comic pushes the characters into stereotypical roles of what a hero and a villain are. Initially, Bruce Wayne is presented as the canon “good guy” or the hero, while Batman is presented as the stereotypical “bad guy”. This representation is achieved by the comic through its use of details. Due to the illusion of light and the use of colors, Batman: Ego represents Bruce Wayne’s character as a being of purity and innocence and represents Batman as a being of evil and darkness.
Batman: Ego uses the illusion of light to portray Bruce Wayne’s character in a positive way and the character of Batman in a negative way. Every time Bruce Wayne is shown in one of the comic panels, a beam of light is shown over his face or behind him. No matter the background of the comic, Wayne is always clearly visible as if a beam of light is constantly aimed at him. By doing this, the comic is setting Wayne up as a symbol of purity and light. Wayne is like a beacon of hope who strongly contrasts with the dark reality that is Gotham. This use of light is most clearly seen in a panel on page 54. Within this panel, Wayne stands in the shadow of the villainous
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