Analysis Of Bullet In The Brain

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A man faced with his fatality will quiver and beg for mercy. Anders, from “Bullet in the Brain”, is unique in that he faces death with laughter and sarcasm. The short story by Tobias Wolff portrays a man named Anders being shot during a bank robbery after ignoring the threats of the robbers (In Text Cite). Through descriptions of the protagonist and his speech with other characters, Anders shows signs of schizophrenia. Before the shooting, the narrator describes Anders and his interactions with other people at the bank. In the first paragraph, Anders looks at the two women in front of him with a “murderous temper” (In Text Cite) and is described as criticizing books with “savagery” (In Text Cite). Anders is also angry with the girl in front of him when she whines about the teller closing their window, telling her she is overdramatic. Most people would be slightly annoyed with these interactions, but murder would never come to mind.
The robbers and their interaction further support the idea that Anders is crazy. When the robbers enter the bank, they wearing blue business suits. Blue often represents sadness, which is a common symptom burdened upon those with schizophrenia. When the robbers begin threatening the hostages, Anders tells the woman, “‘Great script, eh?’” (In Text Cite). This line shows an inappropriate response to the threat presented. Normal individuals would panic at the sight of a gun, but Anders seems to think the robbery is a joke or a game. Anders also
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