Analysis Of ' Burn Yours Maps `` By Robyn Joy Leff

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Disagree In the contemporary society, there are an increasing number of people paying great attention to child’s behavior. At the same time, a hot debate has also appeared, revolving around this topic. Some people believe that child’s behavior is a reflection of their home life. However, in the story “Burn Yours Maps”, was written by Robyn Joy Leff, he totally disagrees with this point. In his story, the protagonist, Wes wants to be a Mongolian and imagines his life as a nomad Mongolian. This idea from him doesn’t come from his family, neither from his mother nor father. None is Mongolian in Wes’s family, even his grandpa Firth was telling stories to Wes, but he never referred to Mongolian. It is clearly to see that Wes, himself wants to be a Mongolian without any reflection of his family. Leff uses two points of view and an emotional writing technique to support his arguments. The most important point is that the conflict between three main characters through the whole story. Wes’s father, Connor wants to prevent him to be a Mongolian and his mother, Allies kind of understands her son and tying to persuade Conner and protect Wes in her own way at the same time. Leff also uses conversation between Conner and Allies to express that Wes’s behavior is not reflection form them. In the end, Leff uses his unique emotion writhing technique to show that even Wes’s parents are not support him to be a Mongolian, he still insists his own idea to be what kind of person that he wants

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