Analysis Of Cadbury And Its Market

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Cadbury is trying to create a difference in the community; its goals, focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles through investing in signature programs and improving the lives of Fairtrade cocoa farmers due to having their chocolate Fairtrade certified (Cadbury, 2015). Below Table 1 (and Appendix 1) shows a SWOT analysis of Cadbury and its market.
• Well-known brand, easily identifiable
• Cadbury is quality chocolate which consumers enjoys
• Reacts quickly to trends (e.g. the marvelous creations value of share 9%) (International, 205)
• Can be viewed as pricey (turns away price conscious consumers)
• Not all their chocolate is Fairtrade approved
• Chocolate market is on the rise for healthier chocolate expecting to expand 3% (Holdings, 2015)
• Potential growth due to population who don’t each chocolate can be converted Threats
• Other chocolate brands which are cheaper for the price conscious consumer
• Changing brand loyalty can be difficult
• Health and well-being concerns

For Cadbury’s Jaffa chocolate, Social trends and demographics are the utmost influential macro-environmental forces. Social trends, health and wellness concerns in relation to Australian’s is concerning. Especially, considering 14 million Australians are overweight or obese (Grewal, Levy, Mathews, & Harrigan, 2015). This is a problem for Cadbury as the introduction of the Jaffa chocolate doesn’t promote the health and wellbeing as chocolate is…
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