Analysis Of Camille Paglia's Sex, Art, And American Culture

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Gender Identity In Camille Paglia’s book, Sex, Art, and American Culture, she writes her opinions about many different topics such as feminism, sex/gender responsibility, education, and gender identity. My focus in this paper will be about gender identity and the summary of her ideas about such a new and fascinating topic. Paglia’s explicit comments are entertaining; she engages the reader with her passion towards this subject. She talks about homosexuality, hormones, and her experiences being lesbian and heterosexual. Paglia breaks up homosexuality into a couple different categories. On page 23, she says, “The first and most ancient is rooted in identification with the mother, perceived as the goddess.” This first comparison shows more of the “woman” role in a homosexual relationship because the woman grows affection for her mother/other female. To follow, she goes on to explain that homosexuality is around today because of the glamor and popularity of this sensation. It can be argued that the only reason homosexuality is still around today because of the money it makes; however, Paglia does not give her opinion on that view. Her other view of homosexuality is, “The second kind of homosexuality represents a turning away from the mother and a heroic rebellion against her omnipotence. Such homosexuality disdains femaleness and esteems perfected masculinity” (23). What Paglia means in this quote is that the “male” of the relationship has traits as she describes being a
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