Analysis Of Car Crash While Hitchhiking Short Story

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What do you get when you mix drugs, a man named Fuckhead, and drama? A Denis Johnson story. Drama is a prominent and key aspect that appears in all of Johnson’s work. Johnson’s work demonstrates various uses of multiple techniques and ideas that young writers can understand and apply to their own work. The motif of drugs and addiction ignites the dominant style of drama in the stories. In “Car Crash While Hitchhiking,” Johnson conveys the message readers and allows them to empathize the addicts mental state. This is prominently shown in the last paragraph of the short story. The use of drugs that Johnson reveals through Fuckhead and Georgie is significant to the plot. In the stories “Emergency” and “Steady Hands at Seattle Grace” this…show more content…
The idea of characters on drugs ups the intensity of the text. When you write a story that includes the main characters on drugs or interacting with another character under the influence it can change the story completely and bring different ideas to light. The drama that Johnson brings into his stories occurs when a characters are under the influence. Johnson brings in two characters who are high again in “Steady Hands at Seattle Grace.” The two characters are admitted into the hospital. The reader can assume that they are in detox. This is can be deduced from the description of the hospital visit. He says, “They ran a few syringesful into me, and I felt like I’d turned from a light, Styrofoam thing into a person.” (Johnson 107) He starts shaving his roommates face and notices holes in his face. The unnamed male states that two of his wives shot him. They talk about the shootings and the exchange goes on by them saying, “‘Hey. You’re doing fine.’ ‘ Talk into here’ ‘Talk into your bullet hole?’ ‘Talk into my bullet hole. Tell me I’m fine.’” (Johnson 111) This conversation created some drama to this story. The unnamed man is actually saying that he is not fine and to look at his bullet holes. The bullet holes shows that he is empty and that his life has holes in it. The bullet holes is a metaphor for his life. He is empty in life and The use of drama in stories can make a storyline very interesting. This past

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