Analysis Of Carded Graphics Business Operations Essay

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Staff Analysis Statement of the Problem Carded Graphics, a business that is driven by being lean, agile and efficient in all aspects of their daily operations so that it can survive, thrive, and prosper in the $160 billion paper products industry. Carded Graphics is part of the $10 billion sub-industry in the paper product industry. Murry Pitts is the owner and president of Carded Graphics; he was driven to make his company be the best it could be. Carded Graphics operations are handled by 90 individuals who work out a 125,000-square-foot facility that is located off U.S. Route 81. Murry’s business operations are focused around the concept of made-to-order – in order to keep costs low, the organization would make large production runs and keep their finished good inventory high and distribute the customers order based off their previous request of smaller orders. The entire folding carton industry was being flipped upside down by the implications of technological advances. Especially the niche market that Carded Graphics business was directed towards. Organizations that can provide customers with a seamless information infrastructure that allowed clients to specify their needs and see the final result and are able to adjust their needs based off the final product were succeeding. The current issue on hand that Carded Graphics is facing is based on their primary input that creates their product, paper. Murry Pitts has a significant decision to make, which will impact the
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