Analysis Of Career Counseling Sessions With A Client

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This is a summary of career counseling sessions with a client, by the name of Ellen N., she is currently employed but is considering switching employers. Ellen and I completed various assessments to assist with providing her options for future employment. The assessments utilized were Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Holland Codes, Kuder Career Assessment. Ultimately, determining that this clients’ case would be best served by using the Attachment Theory and the Family System theory in order to assist with making the most effective career choice for this client.

On the first night of my Lifestyle and Career Development class we each were assigned a partner to work with for the purpose of learning how to initiate a career counseling case study. My partner for this assignment was Ellen, she and I have collaborated for the last three in a half months, providing one another with as much information as possible to make the outcome of this experience as authentic as possible. Let me start by giving you a little background on Ellen, she is a 25 year old single woman, raised in Belleville, IL, who comes from a family of four to include her mother, older sister, her twin and herself. As it stands, her parents divorced when she was of a young age, and as Ellen recalls, this impacted her greatly especially being a twin. She remembers having a better relationship with her mothers’ family more so than her fathers’ family. It was not like they did
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