Analysis Of Carly Fiorina 's ' The Presidential Election Essay

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The 2016 presidential election signified only the second election of my short voting career. I understood this unconventional election sparked extreme emotions from major political pop culture figures and required new campaign strategies. As a young adult trying to form my own political opinion, the election atmosphere made it challenging to uncover unbiased information about the candidates. I chose to read Carly Fiorina’s memoir of her leadership journey in order to learn more about a candidate that sparked my interest. I find women politicians fascinating and Fiorina’s background in business proved relevant. I began reading with an open and curious mind. I came to learn that Fiorina’s political views are shaped from her real world experience making her genuine and relatable. Specifically, I believe her experience in the business world has made her a stronger leader and offers her a unique perspective to bring to the Republican Party. I am supportive of Fiorina’s ultimate goal to better America by unlocking the potential of US citizens.
Fiorina’s journey has been an uphill battle and she openly admits she hasn’t always made the best decision when at a crossroad. Fiorina suffered the loss of a child, battled cancer, and continues to balance a successful business and political career. Persevering through adversity has allowed Fiorina to become passionate about issues close to Americans. Fiorina explains her struggle to find help for her daughter and how she experienced

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