Analysis Of Carmen Bin Laden's Inside The Kingdom : My Life In Saudi Arabia

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Carmen Bin Laden’s life was impacted by the inequalities of Saudi Arabian culture in a profound way. She became connected with Saudi Arabia and the Bin Laden family through marriage, and subsequently became a subject of hatred from United States citizens following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Her life was changed forever following this event, and she speaks her truth and the backstory surrounding her association with Saudi Arabia and the Bin Laden family in her memoir, Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia. As a woman, she experienced an extreme suppression of individuality and freedom throughout her time in Saudi Arabia, and focuses the bulk of her memoir on these experiences. In the following essay, I will argue that the vertical power structure in Saudi Arabia, specifically manifested through gender inequality, is responsible for a culture of oppression that endangers global harmony. The framework of my discussion on will be based upon Saudi Arabian cultural norms as experienced by Carmen Bin Laden in her memoir Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia. I will begin with a brief background on Carmen Bin Laden’s memoir, followed by an analysis of the Saudi Arabian political and family structure and its impact on the oppression of women. From there, I will discuss a few examples of inconsistent gender treatment in Saudi Arabia before placing the cultural climate in context through a discussion of the human rights

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