Analysis Of ' Cat On A Hot Tin Roof '

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The Effects of Holding onto Crutches “Of course you always had that detached quality as if you were playing a game without much concern over whether you won or lost, and now that you’ve lost the game, not lost but just quit playing, you have that sort of charm that usually only happens in very old or hopelessly sick people, the charm of the defeated” (30). In this quote, Maggie, a character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is expressing to her husband Brick how he surrounds his life with a defeated aura. This defeated aura restricts him from overcoming his struggles and blinds him from seeing the future. He holds onto to several crutches, in hopes that his struggles will be pushed aside and he can escape reality. These crutches come in several forms, but are essentially just excuses. People all over the world, such as the contestants on one of America’s most watched TV shows--The Biggest Loser, hold onto crutches and find excuses for not pursuing a future outcome. On the show, overweight contestants are trained to lose weight and eat healthy in order to give their body a second chance. All contestants have a story behind their weight gain, and every time it was because they could not let go of a crutch and chose to eat their way out of hardships. Maggie’s husband Brick does essentially the same, but with different crutches and different methods of escape. So, through Tennessee Williams’s play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, it can be proved that holding onto crutches hampers people from

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