Analysis Of ' Cathedral ' And ' The Red Convertible '

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Sukhpreet Kaur
Professor Robert Sternberg
EAC 150
Date- August 5, 2016 Topic - In both “Cathedral” and “The Red Convertible,” one character attempts to help another overcome a state of unhappiness and hopelessness.
Happiness and Hope are the two most important blessings in life. Happiness is the ultimate reason for living. It is not relevant just to a single person but it is important for the whole global community. Hope is that great thing in life that gives strength to people to live life, even in bad situations. It is the visualization that there is something to believe and trust in. It helps people to make changes in life and it also gives the power to make improbable things to be possible. Hope brings happiness to someone’s life. Hope and happiness depend on the stages of daily life and the people who surround us. In “Cathedral” and “The Red Convertible” the writers show how one character tries to make the other character happy and confident. Both stories describe how the situations of life change the behavior of the characters of the stories. Lyman, in “The Red Convertible” tries to help his brother Henry whereas, Robert, the blind man in “Cathedral” attempts to change the point of view of the narrator towards life, but the difference is this that only Robert successfully done his job.…
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