Analysis Of Cesar Chavez Union Leader

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Cesar Chavez Union Leader

Effort, hard work, dedication and desire for justice are some of the adjectives that describe the union leader Cesar Chavez. Below I’ll explain the efforts that this man did to fight for the improvement of working conditions for migrant laborers in the farms.
Chavez was an American union leader; born on March 31, 1927 near Yuma (Arizona) and died on April 23, 1993 in San Luis (Arizona). Cesar Chavez was the founder of “la
Unidad de los Trabajadores Agricolas” in 1964. He brought together migrant laborers, mostly Hispanic, to fight for improved working conditions.

During World War II, Cesar Chavez served our country in the Navy. After servicing for 2 years, he returned to Arizona to work in the field where his family and he worked their entire life. In 1952 he started as an advisor in the Organization of
Community Services (OSC). His great organizational skills made him the director of the
CSO in 1958; he resigned after four years to work on the creation of an agricultural union to fight for labor rights of Chicano population. In 1962, Cesar founded the National
Farm Workers Association, later become the United Farm Workers or UFW. During all the social issues that touched the American society in 1968, Cesar Chavez won a significant public relevance to launch a nationwide boycott against the producers of grapes in California to obtain a fairer deal for the seasonal grape pickers.
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