Analysis Of Chekhov's Three Sisters

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Affairs, gambling, lust, duals; all attributes can be seen through Chekhov’s Three Sisters. Chekhov uses this play to channel his true thoughts on many different subjects such as different working classes and love. Throughout the play many characters often arrive and show up but it is through the characters we do not see that have the most profound effect on the story. The unseen characters affect others thoughts and actions through exposing their true motives, contribute to the meaning of the play by each representing a working class, and drastically altering the plot through minuscule events. The unseen characters expose the true motives of more prominent figures in the play affecting their thoughts and actions. Protopopov, Andrei’s…show more content…
Another unseen character that exposes the true motives of a more prominent figure is Vershinin’s wife. Vershinin was in the same brigade as Andrei’s father eleven years ago and is the commanding officer of the army base. When he arrives at the Prozorov house he still recognizes the three daughters of his deceased friend. The daughters were only interested in talking with him because of the relationship he had with their father and the fact he was from Moscow; Irina dreams of moving there. Vershinin’s wife, whom he had two children with, was extremely troubled. She was always trying to commit suicide or leaving the children in dangerous situations such as the fire that took place while Vershinin was at the Prozorov house. She never appreciated Vershinin’s lust for beauty or his philosophical talks which in turn bored Vershinin. The constant need for attention created by Vershinin’s wife in turn made him even more uninterested. The effect of the falling out of their relationship led Vershinin to fall in love with Masha, the feeling was mutual. Although he openly expressed his love for Masha and they both felt that they were made to be together, he ended up leaving because of the call of duty. Just by needing more attention Vershinin’s wife’s actions led to the falling out of their relationship as well as a heartbreak of another women. The unseen characters contribute to the meaning of the play by representing a
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