Analysis Of ' Cherry Bomb '

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Music, in the past, has often spelled bad news to society at large. It can challenge norms and invoke a sense of hype in places that modern culture may be uncomfortable with, such as sex, sexuality, and drugs. Personally, when I think of punk music, I see a genre that stands to be individualistic, aggressive, and rebellious. Phrases such as ‘anti-establishment’ also come up. This notion comes from many aspects of punk subculture, including dress, music, performance, and my interpretations. My chosen song, ‘Cherry Bomb’, encapsulates my opinions on punk subculture quite well. It is a song I had heard in the past and, even as a child, understood it to be a bit ‘off’. Now, as I have a better grasp of these concepts, I can say that I definitely interpret this song as sexual, and that is my understanding of the intention. Without looking at or paying attention to the lyrics, and instead the voices and sound, the word that comes to mind is ‘shoddy’ and ‘rough’. Not to say the music is bad, but the voices sounded almost far away. The instruments sounded like generic rock and did not stand out to me. It only caught my attention in a way that it sounded almost as loud as the vocals. The voices sound rough and raspy, and I cannot tell if the interludes from lyrics include some form of moaning or mild yelling because of the raspy voice. The voices sound strained and prone to breaks. I do not know if this is from screaming or if that is their natural voice. Both would make sense in
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