Analysis Of Chief Bromden 's ' The ' Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest '

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Who are the people involved: The patients and staff of the hospital are the main characters throughout the novel.
The resolution of the conflict: At the end of the Novel, the resolution was Chief Bromden had escaped from the mental hospital. It affected the mental hospital because many patients were happy he escaped from Nurse Ratched authority.
Character Analysis: Chief Bromden - The narrator/patient of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Chief Bromden is the son of the chief of the Columbia Indians and a white woman. Also, He suffers from paranoia and hallucinations, and received several electroshock treatments for ten years. In the novel, Chief Bromden’s physical characteristics are described as a huge man in society.
Randle McMurphy - Randle McMurphy is a redheaded gambler, a con man, and a backroom boxer. His body is heavily scarred and tattooed. They say McMurphy serves as the unlikely Christ character in the novel—the dominant force challenging the establishment and the ultimate knight in shining of the mistreated patients.
Nurse Ratched - She is the head of the hospital ward. She rules her ward with an iron fist and masks her kindness and girlishness behind a stiff, superior facade. In the novel, she is described as women with very nice features but hides her feminine side. She also wears her all white nurse uniform.
Billy Bibbit – He is nervous patient and has a bad stutter. Billy Bibbit is controlled by his mother, and one of Nurse Ratched’s close…
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