Analysis Of Chimamanda Adichie 's The Danger Of A Single Story

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Introduction Chimamanda Adichie is a novelist and a narrator who delivered a persuasive speech on what she calls; "The Danger of a Single Story" but in reality what it means is the danger of stereotyping. defines Stereotype as “A generalization usually exaggerated or oversimplified and often offensive, that is used to describe or distinguish a group.” Adichie delivered her presentation on a very well-known website called, with one objective in mind, to prevail upon everyone to share their personal stories with the world so that there no longer is a “single story” defining any one person or group. Although, Adichie is aware that the damage that has been already created may take some time to undo, she felt that…show more content…
Invention: Ethos: Adichie’s ethos (credibility) is a well-known attention grabber as she maintains the focus of her audience by telling her growing up in Nigeria stories. She continues throughout her speech to share her personal experiences, and using humor to inspire people to have similar thoughts and ideas. This demonstrates her knowledge on the subject as she goes on sharing her personal like struggles.
Pathos: Adichie’s also displays strongly her emotions as she shares multiple stories with her audience like the story of the helper who was a little boy with a very poor family and had nothing. She also utilizes humor to make her point on the essence of stereotyping by telling the story of her room-mate who felt pity for her before even seeing her, just because she was African. Since the speech is mostly a narration from her life, Adichie includes emotions as she talks so that the audience gets to feel what she feels.

Arrangement: Adichie definitely grabbed my attention from the very beginning to the point of leaving me with a desire to read more about her and her story. The arrangement of her speech was precise

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