Analysis Of China 's ' China Road '

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Reading “China Road” opened my eyes to many of the issues China faces as it attempts to become a world power. Despite being slightly outdated, this book provided good insight into what China is like in the eyes of an outsider. In addition to providing insight, this book also helped me become more aware of some of the cultural norms of China. What I was most surprised about was how different life in China is depending on where one lives. The difference in quality of life was so dramatic when comparing the cities of China to the rural farming areas. I also was amazed by how different the Chinese act in terms of their attitudes. In particular, while reading I came to a part in the story where the author spoke about a bus ride. On this bus ride, a watermelon fell off of a luggage rack and landed on a child’s head. In America, this would have been a big deal. Most likely an ambulance would have been called, a lawsuit would have been filed, and some sort of bus reform policy would be put into place. In China, nothing happened after this event. People on the bus made sure the child was okay but, after that, they returned to their normal business. Nobody made a big deal out of it, and nobody saw it as an opportunity to sue and make money. America is such a litigious country. In China, it seemed as if they had more forgiving personalities. They were less caught up in personal gain, and more focused on the important things in life. Another detail that surprised me about China was the

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