Analysis Of ' Chocolate ' By Rita Doves

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Rita Doves poem "Chocolate" has many different kind of literary elements in it. It is an

extremley short poem but full of elements to eplain it and describe it. This poem is one of the

best in literature because of Ritas usage of tone, diction, and imagry in that poem. Trying to

understand exactly what she is saying in this poem is the total fun part of it all. reading this is


In this peice of lterature many things are happening. One of those many is tone. The

tone of this poem comes off as though she really is speaking about the candy chocolate but

acually its deeper if you look into this poem. You see more of what she is saying. This poem

has lots of tone. Tone is the attitude of a poem but not only just the attitude but also the

person/people the author is directing it for.Wiley,J.B(2016). In the sence of this poem she is

refering directing it for women. The poem comes off as sexual. its hard to tell weather she is

talking about actual chocolate or a man. In this one it seems as though she may be reffering

to the chocolate as a black man. Hmmm or is she really just talking about chocolate, or maybe

ice cream. Hard to tell but, tone is everything in a poem. Tone makes a poem a poem. With no

tone it would be hard to tell where the author is going or the attiyude they are trying to portray in

their poem. Rita shows a tone of sexuallity along with love. In the two stanzas where she says

how you…
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