Analysis Of Choosing Echoes

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Choosing Echoes I am who I am. I talk to each and every one of you every day. I promise you that you know me well. I will tell you a story that takes place in a particular town, where as strange as it was, no one left, and no one entered it. It existed just as you and I did, breathing, living, and suffering. A scream escaped Rue’s lips, when she awoke from her dream, as her hollow gray eyes darted back and forth, confirming her surroundings. Her arms ached from a memory of excessive pain from being beaten by her father in the dark basement of her large home. She was beaten for being smart, silly, or kind with her friends she had made, years ago. She wanted to be an author, but her father thought otherwise, and gave much disapprobation towards her. He wanted her to become business woman. In fact, it was all she could remember from her childhood, and now as a 17-year-old girl, she lives with her mom who has the starting stages of alzheimer’s disease. Rue slipped out the habiliments of her bed, and made her way through the labyrinth of her home, to the bathroom. The wall was draped with red velvet arabesque tapestries, and the floors were always furnished. She went out to school that cold morning, tucking her dyed blue hair behind her ears. In class, she was bullied by Kora and Alex, for being timid and quiet. Math class soon arrived, and in corner of the room, Kora is seen stealing Rue’s notes and throws them out the window. She even “accidently” spilled
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