Analysis Of Chris Mccandless 's ' The Wild And Understanding His Life '

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Everyday our species interacts with each other. We make new friends, enemies, acquaintances, and families. Sometimes these people impact your life greatly and other times they are simply unimportant part of your life. When having a unique personality, like Chris McCandless, becoming friends is hard but many acquaintances can be made. After reading Into the Wild and understanding his life, many people can be thought of who would have benefited Chris if he got to know them. These people could help Chris see the other side of the story as well as change the tragic ending. Chris would benefit the company of Ted Kaczynski, Garret Mason, and Bill Gates. All three of these men could have made an impact on Chris’s life. Chris’s story could have changed because of these men.
Many acquaintances can be made in life. Though a valuable acquaintance for Chris would be Ted Kaczynski . With many similarities, these men could take about their passion. Both men were educated though Ted was very highly educated. With a Harvard degree at the age of 20 and a high IQ level as a kid, this man was considered a child prodigy. Chris and Ted had more than just education in common; they both had the resources to excel in life. Chris’s parents were willing to pay for his new car and he had enough money in the bank to further his education. These two advantages would have resulted in a high paying job, which in current society equals happiness. Ted had already proved to have a bright

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